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28 October 2011
Hello Again,

It has been a week or so, but I had mid-terms. Now that's over, we are back to our regular programming. This week, I present to you Bianca of Avant Blargh. I discovered her on the mecca of dopeness, Lookbook. I seriously liked almost every look and immediately went to her blog where I found more awesomeness. You definitely have to check her out. I kid you not, she is AMAZING!!! As the title suggests, she is BOMB.

Live. Laugh. Love Thrift.

Vintage Sweetheart Floral Jumpsuit (2), American Apparel Slate Thigh Highs (16), Granny Shoes (1.50)

Name: Bianca deBardelaben
Age: 24
Occupation/University: Freelance Graphic Designer, Fulltime Actor
Current Location: Chicago
Brief Bio: I am a currently a senior at my University in Chicago studying graphic design. I love art of all types, fashion, design, even performance! When I'm not studying typefaces, I'm out auditioning, writing, or goofing off with friends. I love love love donuts, going to concerts, and being a movie buff! I also adore the challenge of creating new outfits with the clothes that I have rather than spending every dime I own! I'm trying to relocate to NYC so every penny counts!

Orange Polka Dot Blouse (1), Green High Waisted Pencil Skirt (1), Red Flats (1), Red Satchel (3)

1. What was your first thrifting experience? How often do you thrift now?

The real quesiton would be when did I stop thrifting? I have always thrifted, I didn't even realize I was thrifting until someone told me I was! My mom has always been a bargain hunter, and this has been passed on to me. I go a few times a month, I don't like clutter so I try to avoid going a lot so I don't accumulate a lot of things I don't need. I feel like if you also go too often it takes the fun out! Maybe like 3xs a month!

2. How is thrifting in Chicago?

AMAZING, Even when I was living in New York City over the summer I MISSED CHICAGO THRIFTING! I think part of it comes from not too many people are looking out here in the midwest. It is obvious that people thrift in NYC because essentially it's "cool" so they get away with marking up things and allowing you to feel helpless. In Chicago, they haven't quite figured out the market so I can get Chanel for 3 bucks because no one knows it's worth out here! And it hasn't become quite so trendy in here, so the thriftstores ARE LOADED with goodies.

African Eliane Dress (1.75), Yellow Blazer (6), Urban Outfitters Vintage Boots (20), Mud Cloth Purse (gift), Necklace (moms)

3. What items do you have most luck finding?

I seem to have a great eye for shoes! Which I think is a hard find. A nice pair of quality leather shoes is hard to find almost anywhere. All my favorite pairs have all been from thrift stores. And I don't have tiny feet so when I can find a 9-9.5, I am more than thrilled! My latest find are my brown lace up booties for $1.75! I have been looking for a pair for 2 years all ranging from $80-200+, some not even real leather!! I feel so lucky, in fact I'm wearing them now!

4. Why do you thrift?

I have a hard time spending a lot of money on clothes. I work hard for all I have and I always choose food, traveling or entertainment over dressing myself, there's less guilt in buying a delicious meal than one piece of clothing. Plus I love the challenge! When I flip through the issues of NYLON, ViVi, and JaLOUSE, I can't bring myself to pay $1,000 for a Christopher Kane Jacket or $180 for a chiffon blouse. I know many of these "new looks" have been recycled, and you can almost find a higher quality version at the thrift store. Another reason is often times they don't make clothing for women of a "curvier" nature anymore. I have a very curvy body that I am NOT ashamed of (born this way.) If they are making clothes to fit the body types of women where the clothes are manufactured, its not going to fit me! Also on a less political note~ I'm such a klutz! I would be too afraid to wear anything too expensive in fear I would get ketchup all over it.

Vintage Oversized Blazer (2), Forever 21 Mustard Turleneck (gift), Forever 21 Necklace (gift), Pendleton Turban (1.50), High Waisted Wool Pants (2), Red Flats (1)

5. YOUR HAIR IS FABULOUS!! How does your hair affect your style?

My curls definitely define my personality! I was once like everyone else, fighting against what already naturally happens, and after my hair started falling out, I decided that's it! I need to start leaving it alone. In fact it's now been on exact year since I've worn it curly (despite an interesting Dominican salon experience in Brooklyn this summer...) When I was rockin the straight locks, I felt like I hid behind my bangs, but now I feel like my hair makes me stand out so much I might as well not try to hide at all! It has made be become more bold in my personality, in my style, in everything! Straight hair Bianca was quiet and meek, Big hair Bianca and quirky and loud.

6. I consider you a thriftshionista. What does that mean to you?

Part fashionista, part thrift store queen! Not just someone who thrifts for the sake of thrifting, but someone who loves the challenge of being fashionable on a student's budget!

 Grungy Oversized Sweater (3), 80s High Waisted Shorts (1.50), Forever 21 Shoes (20), Grey Tank (gifted)

7. Do you think your thrifted pieces make a statement?

I believe that they do, sometimes they can come off as one of a kind, or last of its kind. I always get asked where'd I get some of my greater pieces and almost sadly it's no longer mass produced. They make you feel special cause you think that no one has this piece but you. And since they're vintage they tell great stories, they make you ponder what wonderful woman (or man) owned this piece before you.

8. If you had to choose, what are your favorite thrifted pieces?

I'm really pleased with my last haul (picture attached) I went a little nuts with the button downs but I couldn't be more pleased. I love love love the color blocked shirt, Pendleton Print Jacket, and that colbat blue peter pan blouse IS TO DIE and its real silk! So much cheaper than American Apparel's imitation, and again, it's real silk.

Owl Sweater (2), Silk Alexander Wang Style Blouse (3), Topshop High Waisted Shorts (12),Caramel Argyle Sox (gift) Forever 21 Shoes (20)

9. Why did you agree to be featured?

I thought it would be fun! And I really love your concept and blog. I work really hard on my blog and coordinates, I'm very humbled that my style is "blogworthy" haha!

These are her recent finds!! How fabulous are they?!?!?!?


  1. She looks amazing, from her hair on down. Great feature!! She makes me want to step my game up, so thank you both for the inspiration...

  2. She looks great! I love how effortless everything is

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    Confessions Of A City Girl

  3. I am such a thrift lover, n polka dots have become my love this year, I have bought over four in one month alone
    Check out my blog! I promise to make your taste buds dance!!

  4. Love her style, my fave is the green skirt and the red polka dot top.


  5. Love her interview. Bianca is one of my favorite bloggers because her sense of style is so quirky and zany. She's also one of my soul sisters because I live in Chicago not too far from where she goes to school. Very nice feature.


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