I'd Rather be Poor than Fat!

08 July 2014
Hey yall,

I woke up this morning before 7 am (I don't even know who I am anymore), and I thought to myself, "Like what,why did you stop updating your blog?" I had this perfect vision of what my blog was supposed to transform into. I wanted to upload only HD photos, have a new layout, and the whole nine yards. I still have that vision, because I want more for myself and for you guys as well.

So yes, I have lied over and over about re-energizing this blog. I still want to, trust me, I do. I have to get it together, for real. Thank you all for sticking around even though I've been an awful blogger.

Let me transition into explaining the title of this post. Over on my Youtube channel, I discuss things that I am passionate about or that concern me and fat acceptance is one of them. Often times, we don't love ourselves because of what we look like. And that's unfortunate. I have always been the bigger girl, but I have always loved myself because I am not defined by my size, whether I am a size 2 or a 22. I don't even consider myself to be a "plus size blogger." I am a blogger who just so happens to be plus sized. I know that I am beautiful (both inside and out) and I hope that one day (regardless of her weight) all women will come to love and appreciate themselves.

Been A Long Time Coming

08 September 2013
Hey Thrudds,

*Lowers head in shame* I haven't updated my blog in MONTHHHHHSSSSS (almost four months to be exact). There is no excuse and I really need to do better. This was my first love and I've lost sight of that. I'm hoping that I can update at least weekly to bring some life back to this blog. I'll be getting some new equipment soon so that will be awesome!

For now, I hope you forgive me and enjoy this OOTD that I wore over the summer. Don't forget, I post almost daily on Instagram, so if you aren't over there already, CLICK HERE and follow me @mythriftedcloset.

Product Review: 4 Naturals AFRO STRETCH Curl Cream & CURL CRAZE Hair Lotion

12 May 2013

Hey Thrudds!

I know I rarely talk about my natural hair over on this blog, BUT the people over at 4Naturals were nice enough to send me some samples of their AFRO STRETCH Curl Cream & CURL CRAZE Hair Lotion to review. I actually LOVED these products which is awesome because Sassy (my hair) is a diva! So if you are interested in how I felt about these products . . .

Hi-Low, Fur Collar

10 May 2013

Hey Thrudds!

Whoa, it has been ages since I've updated the blog. Even though I don't post here as often, I am ALWAYS, like ALWAYS on Instagram. If you miss me as much as I miss you, follow me on IG @mythriftedcloset. So what's been up with yall? I have been super busy trying to finish up the semester, but on May 20th, I will finally be a GRADUATE. I've worked my butt off and gave it my all. Because of that, I will be graduating summa cum laude and I'm also an honor student in Communication. I want to thank all of you for your support over the years and I am happy to call yall family.

Take care until next time,

Live. Laugh. Love Thrift.


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